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January 22, 2010 at 7:36 pm (Uncategorized)

Disclaimer: I am in no way claiming to be an expert in music, music theory, composition, orchestration, or performance. I’m just really obsessed with music.

Darklings, I have some juicy bits of news concerning upcoming movie scores.

First of all, I had NO IDEA that there was a Movie Score Magazine!!!! Seriously? It makes my heart smile to see that there is actually a periodical dedicated exclusively to movie scores. I never would have guessed! Audiophiles/movie buffs, eat extra helpings of this because there’s a feast of knowledge here. Thanks to my friend Candice for alerting me to its presence!

It is to Candice that I also credit one of my new findings: Howard Shore will be composing the score for the next film in the Twilight saga (she was outraged. A quality composer writing music for some half-assed vampire flick? no way.) Now, I’ll be the first to admit: I read the books and found them mildly interesting (mostly because I like scifi/fantasy stories with vampires and such), only to watch the first movie and laugh my ass off at the quality of the acting which can be described, very kindly, by words such as “poor,” “cheap,” “inexperienced,” “dreadful,” “horrendous,” “near-sighted,” etc. Yet the score, I thought, was really quite charming–I could honestly care less about those whiny emo songs featured on alternative rock stations around the globe that made it onto the film’s soundtrack. Alexandre Desplat and Carter Burwell, both favorites of mine because of very specific individual scores, both had a turn to change some of that teenage-vampire-romantic angst into a coherent musical theme. I guess it all depends on your point of view. I didn’t necessarily fall in love with either of the two film scores, but I won’t go so far as to berate them for participating in such a pop-culture phenomenon.

Meanwhile, thanks to MuggleNet, I have finally found out who will be composing the next (and penultimate) Harry Potter film.  I’m hopelessly attached to Nicholas Hooper’s haunting bass lines, cheerful woodwinds and crescendo-prone string pieces, and was upset to hear that after 2 movies, he would not return for the final installments. Hope is not lost, however. The aforementioned Alexandre Desplat has signed on for Part 1 of the Deathly Hollows, and while I am skeptical, I have faith. His score for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is, to me, truly moving and beautifully, poignantly sad. The first part of Hallows is based largely on traveling, delving into a deeper and more dangerous journey than has ever been depicted in the Harry Potter series–something I think Desplat can handle.  However, he has a tremendous legacy to live up to: the legendary John Williams wrote the music for the first 4 Potter films, followed by Hooper’s 2 consecutive years of success. Let’s hope he doesn’t let us down!

More news! This is technically old news, but I saw it as a headline and felt obligated to report it. A splendid musician by the name of Michael Giacchino won the Golden Globe for the best original score in the Pixar film UP. His previous works include other Pixar works such as Ratatouille and The Incredibles, the television series LOST, and the recent remake of Star Trek. His work is incredibly fantastic, and I encourage everyone to not only see the movies I just mentioned, but listen to them as well. You will be blown away.

Other random tidbits: Randy Newman’s score for Disney’s The Princess and the Frog was “denied eligibility in this year’s pony show” by the Academy (read more here). goes on to describe other projects,  such as The Dark Knight and LOTR: The Two Towers, as being cruelly snubbed by the Academy as well. But based on the rules for submission, the Academy says that Newman’s score does not meet the requirements.  I have not yet seen this film, but I have heard rather melancholy things about the music–this is especially surprising because the non-computer-animated film was supposed to mark the return of the Disney musical. Thoughts?

Hans Zimmer has decided to take over MORE of the world by launching head-first into the video game genre. Yep.

If you didn’t know, Carter Burwell, along with Karen O, is the master behind the Where the Wild Things Are score.

Damn. If I could just find some current news on my all-time favorite man, Thomas Newman, life would be fantastic.


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