The Inbetweeners! A gem.

January 31, 2010 at 4:06 pm (Uncategorized)

Oh, BBC America. You please me yet again. The television series “The Inbetweeners” is now available to American audiences!

I couldn’t love a television show any more than I love The Inbetweeners. Think of one of those horribly raunchy teen comedy movies that never do very well nor succeed in actually being a comedy. Now think about if one of those movies was actually uproariously hilarious, set in Bristol, and intelligently written. FANTASTIC. Another brilliant example of an original series for the E4 channel, catering directly to teen/young adult audiences. It’s of course filled with the standard group of male teen nerds or outcasts who just want to be accepted, pass their A-levels, and maybe get laid along the way; but it is told with such blunt honesty and biting wit that it is unlike any other show I’ve ever seen. The summary on the show’s Facebook fan page (which I shamelessly follow) reads as follows:

Every Thursday at 10pm on E4 from the 2nd April, the six-part series voted the Best New British Television Comedy at the 2008 British Comedy Awards will continue where the first series left off. Centred at Rudge Park comprehensive school, four dysfunctional friends are all desperately trying to work out how to fit in.

Will (Simon Bird), is still trying to be part of the crowd, but now also has a new challenge: to raise the social standing of his new friends to ‘cool’ – it’s not going to work

At his side is Simon (Joe Thomas) who is still hopelessly besotted with Carli D’Amato (Emily Head) and anything she thinks is cool he immediately goes along with. Jay’s (James Buckley) still boasting stories of impressive exploits and sexual conquests that are just a little too fantastical to believe. Making up the quartet is Neil (Blake Harrison), an easy going lad who is not exactly the brains of the outfit and whose dad is definitely not gay.

Just reading this makes me laugh. The language is vulgar and witty at the same time, filled with awkward teen moments that make me cringe because they are so ridiculous, yet so relatable. The four main characters do an astonishingly fantastic job at playing giant, lovable prats who just don’t know what the hell they’re doing, and the supporting cast of various parents, teachers, and fellow students are superb counterparts. The series ended months ago with Neil, Simon, Will and Jay passing their A-levels and moving on to university, but with it finally airing on BBC America, I have great hope that it will garner an even greater audience and be more appreciated than ever before.

I’m honestly at a loss for words as to how to further describe this television show. Just…watch it. There’s a reason I watch The Inbetweeners when I’m unhappy. Enjoy.


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