A fleeting update.

February 10, 2010 at 1:10 am (Uncategorized)

I will post a more relevant update when I have the time and energy…but right now, school is sucking the life out of me. I’m designing a movement piece called “Orpheus,” a thesis show for a senior here at the university. It’s incredibly time consuming, probably because it’s my first time designing and I’m unaware of the process. It’s also very frustrating, involved, difficult, easy, fun, exciting…so many words to describe the process. I’m doubting myself yet asserting myself. All of these things are happening. It’s just very weird for me to be this involved with an extracurricular activity (if you can count a theater project as extracurricular…since I’m there all the time anyway); I usually hate putting myself out there. but all in all, I’m glad that I’m doing this. It’s been a terrific experience so far. However, we don’t open for another 2 weeks, so…we’ll see!

I finished my puppet, Horatio the giraffe. Now, wordpress is being a bit widgey with me and will not let me upload photos of his complete awesomeness. I’ll fix that eventually, but just know that he is wonderful and cuddly and will hopefully receive at least a B+. Fingers crossed!

There are so many things in the entertainment world to discuss. Oscar noms, Michael Jackson’s children being actually physically visible at the Grammy’s, the newest episodes of Skins and my failure to hop back on to the LOST train, the newest season of Project Runway….it goes on and on. I’ll pick something I’ve had to time to actually process and write thoroughly and extensively on the subject! But until then, enjoy this lovely picture.


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