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March 4, 2010 at 10:27 pm (Uncategorized)

A month later, I decide to update. There’s a lot of things to talk about, so I’ll write down what I can remember.

1. ORPHEUS, the movement piece I designed costumes for, closed two nights ago. It went surprisingly well. Makeup and tattoo pictures will be posted! I won’t lie: it was an incredibly taxing process. However, I absolutely loved the cast and crew; they are the most lovely people and I had a wonderful time getting to know them this quarter.

2. Sprained my foot a few weeks ago. I got to ride in an ambulance and walk with crutches for a week. Now I just wear an ankle brace that supports everything, but it still hurts–mostly because I’ve got pretty extensive bruising all along my entire foot. I’m pretty sure that my ligaments are mostly healed, though.

3. I’m officially working at the Ohio Light Opera for my third summer in a row this summer! (Check out our website and our 32nd season!) I will be joining some of my best friends there, and I can’t wait.

4. The Oscars are THIS SUNDAY!! I think Sandra Bullock is a shoo-in for Best Actress, and Jeff Bridges for Best Actor, but the nominees for Best Picture are too numerous for me to pick out just one. There are TEN nominees, if I’m not mistaken. I personally want Inglourious Basterds to win, but I don’t care who wins as long as AVATAR does not win. I also cannot be as judgmental as I was last year, seeing as I haven’t seen all the films nominated. That being said, I am very well aware of the costume designers nominated this year.


1. Bright Star–Janet Patterson

2. Nine–Colleen Atwood (my idol!!)

3. The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus–Monique Prudhomme

4. Coco before Chanel–Catherine Leterrier

5. The Young Victoria–Sandy Powell
I personally would love for Monique Prudhomme to win for Parnassus, but I know that Sandy Powell is more likely to get the award for The Young Victoria, since it is a period piece. I have seen The Young Victoria, and it was done really beautifully and accurately. It’s really difficult to predict an outcome this year (if we ignore the academy’s track record of awarding period pieces…) because each film has a very different point of view and style of execution. It all depends on personal taste, in my opinion. For the first time, I am rooting for someone other than Colleen Atwood. Blasphemy, I know. I, the girl who sits and pauses movies and sketches Colleen’s costumes from film stills. I, the girl who entertains the notion of finding Colleen and having her mentor me and/or recommend me to Tim Burton. I, the girl who is now completely obsessed with stripes, buckles, and design oddities….am rooting for Monique Prudhomme. Why? Because to me, the costumes for Nine, while beautiful, did not stand out. They were typical of a Rob Marshall/Colleen Atwood film–glitz, glamor, strategically placed sequins and feathers, and tastefully put-together outfits for mothers and wives. The only thing that truly stands out to me, as I can remember from watching the film, is Marion Cotillard and her simple, yet beautiful, clothing that helped bring out her gorgeous face. I don’t remember what the clothing was, I just remember Marion’s face, her expression, and her eyes. But I remember everything from Dr. Parnassus. That white suit he wears in the Imaginarium is completely genius. The daughter’s dress as she floats through a sea of shoes is completely amazing, and Mr. Nick’s double breasted coat, bowler hat, and grey gloves do indeed have a certain sense of forboding. Or maybe it was his melodramatic, villain-y mustache. Either way, that film was incredibly, absolutely, perfectly executed in every aspect of the word “visual.” Monique, you’ve got my vote.

The Imaginarium will, hopefully, win Best Art Direction as well. How could it NOT? The only threat will be, I think, Sherlock Holmes and Nine.

I do plan on trying to see “bright star” soon, though. Several people have told me to see it, and that the costumes are stunning.

The Award for cinematography will be really hard to predict. Nominated are: Inglourious Basterds, The White Ribbon, HP 6 (YAYYYY!), The Hurt Locker, and Avatar. Avatar will probably win–the technology was 12 years in the making, and is really stunning. But I would love for IB or The White Ribbon to win.

Directing will go to either Jason Reitman for Up in the Air or Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker. If they pick James Cameron, I will throw something at my television and then scream. I would love for Quentin Tarantino to win, but, let’s face it: the Academy will never pick him. He doesn’t have enough political pull in Hollywood…which is really sad, because Quentin is truly talented…much more so than James Cameron. I mean…what? Who said that?

Foreign Language film will most likely go to The White Ribbon (Germany). I haven’t seen it, but there’s so much buzz about it that I think it’s a shoo-in for sure.

Makeup will go to Star Trek, most obviously for the alien faces of the Romulans and the Vulcans. I don’t think stage makeup for the singers of Il Divo is really quite enough for an Oscar–which pains me to say, since I’m partly a makeup lady and I know what it takes to make stage makeup look perfect. And I’m not exactly sure what was so innovative about the makeup done in The Young Victoria.

Best Score will go to either Michael Giacchino for Up, or Hans zimmer for Sherlock Holmes. I’m rooting for Michael. Meanwhile, best original song will probably go to Crazy Heart.

Avatar will undoubtedly win the Visual Effects award.

I have no idea who will win for best adapted screenplay. It’s a huge toss up.

I think that’s it for my predictions right now. Yes, I skipped some categories…whatever.

5. During strike for SOT’s show, Marisol, I helped clean out the magazine section of our storage unit. This is where we keep all different types of magazines for students to use for collages, research, renderings, and inspiration. We’re about to remodel that room, so we had to decide which magazines to keep and what to toss. And boy, did I find some fantastic things. Let me just list some things: 1998 issues on Angel, the spin-off of Buffy; issues on Star Wars, The Phantom Menace, and interviews with the cast members, etc; The Oscars of 1996, the new pop sensations Britney Spears and NSync; Lord of the Rings….need I go on? It was HEAVEN for a pop-culture nerd like me. So much awesome in just a few magazines. It was like I was traveling back in time with extensive knowledge of the future. For instance, we all know what happened to the new Star Wars episodes (they were horrible), Britney Spears (mother of two, nervous breakdown, one of the most famous comebacks in musical history), and whether or not Julia Roberts stayed married to Lyle Lovett (she didn’t). It was just…AHH! So incredible. I hardcore geeked out.

Where was I? Rambling, of course.

6. If you have a school of dance/dance major at your college or university, please go support them. Dancers are incredibly talented, and dance concerts are some of the best displays of art I have ever seen. We have out winter dance concert tomorrow and Saturday, and I’m helping out with hair for one of the pieces. When I got a break, I went down and watched some of the routines, and they were INCREDIBLE. It blows my mind how they can control their movements so well; how they can transition from standing still and upright to being on the floor, legs in the air and rolling into the next pose, only to stand straight up again. The choreography alone is a masterpiece. Add costumes, sound, and some ridiculously awesome scenic/lighting elements, and you get the most fantastic, beautiful experience that you can possibly get within a two-hour concert. And sure, some of the movement and music is weird…but it is still some really cool nonsense that you can’t really get anywhere else. What’s even better is that it’s live. You can feel the dancers and their passion; you can feel their stomps and steps reverberate through the floor to the music; you can feel the emotion and see it on their faces and in their bodies. It’s beautiful. And that is my School of Dance plug. =)

More updates will follow once I see the outcome of the Oscars and whether or not I can somehow get pictures of the dance concert. Peace!


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