Why People Suck, Reason#2

April 18, 2010 at 5:56 pm (Why People Suck)

An episode of 30 Rock is called to mind as I think about something that happened to me today. During this episode, Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) is being kind of a bitch to her staff, and one writer, Lutz, calls her a pretty nasty name when he thinks she isn’t listening…that word being the C-word, quite possibly the most offensive, insulting word a woman can be called by a man. Liz, naturally, gets incredibly upset and instantly tries to rectify the situation by being a better, nicer person. When I first saw that episode a few years ago (It was a season 1 ep), I laughed and didn’t think anything of it; but now, I think I know how Liz feels. Because you know what? There’s no male equivalent to that word.

Think about it. What’s the worst name you can call a guy? Bastard? Douche? why are there so many more derogatory names for females as opposed to males? Why is it that we can say mean things to each other in jest, but when it is real, it is so much more offensive? Girls call each other sluts and whores all the time in a joking, almost loving manner; yet when a woman’s character and morals are actually questioned, it takes on a whole new meaning. Similarly, people of certain ethnic backgrounds may call each other names as a sign of acceptance and belonging to a specific group. It is then considered offensive for parties outside of that group to use the same name, whether as an insult or not.

I was randomly told today by someone I thought of as a friend that they did not like me because I am a cunt.  This is a person who doesn’t shy away from using bold or potentially offensive language as a joke or a show of familiarity with another. I know this person well enough to know it wasn’t a joke–especially after they left when I attempted to confront them. It has ruined my entire day, placed self-doubt in my mind, and made me incredibly angry. Needless to say, I’ve lost any shred of respect for that person that I’d had before.  So the Number 2 reason why people suck? Because they can be as offensive and insulting as they want without any consequences.


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