“BP” stands for “Big Problem.”

June 6, 2010 at 11:24 am (Uncategorized)

Remember that one day when BP dumped thousands of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico? Neither do I, really, because it wasn’t that big of a deal, right? BP keeps assuring us that it has everything under control and that its doing everything possible to block the spill, so why should I be concerned?

Just kidding. BP wishes I was that naive. According to this article by Mark Sappenfield, the well of oil will probably keep gushing into the ocean until August, when BP can build another relief well and solve all these nasty problems. BP representatives are starting to shift focus from an immediate solution to a successful rejuvenation of the coast after a long-term recovery process.

This one time, I really wanted some brownies. I kept thinking about the outcome of what would happen if I made brownies: I could eat them. Eating brownies became my ultimate goal. I kept looking towards the future, to the day that I could finally eat brownies, but it never came–probably because I forgot that good results don’t just happen; there is a process, a procedure, steps to follow in order to achieve the result desired. I had to go to the store, get brownie mix and whatever else the recipe calls for, drive home, mix everything together…it goes on, as I’m sure anyone else who has ever made brownies will know. So shouldn’t BP be taking steps to get the ingredients and trying to mix it together, instead of only wishing for a freshly baked, delicious solution to just pop up?

The recovery of the Gulf Coast will probably take an extremely long time. I won’t even bother to estimate how long it might take. While BP has rightfully compensated many businesses along the coast for any loss of profit because of the spill, it has to know that the claims will not stop pouring in. This is a man-made disaster that has destroyed the livelihood of thousands of people, not to mention the lives of animal wildlife, from pelicans to lobsters to the tiniest sea organism. What will this do to the ecosystem? The food chain? Will any species come closer to extinction because of this fiasco?  There’s no doubt that the cost for seafood will skyrocket, and the tourist trade will probably suffer a blow or two. I don’t know why, though; I love going to the beach and finding oil-covered birds waddling around. It’s my favorite pastime.

You would think that all the gallons of oil pouring into the gulf would be the only problem BP has to worry about, right? Wrong. A few weeks ago, another spill was reported, this time at the Alaskan pipeline. This article from the Morning Star, written by Greg Pallast, reveals that yet another few thousand gallons of oil escaped from BP’s control due to lack of upkeep to the pipeline. It reportedly hadn’t been checked or repaired for about a decade, despite requests from pipeline managers. The pipe that blew was 800 miles long, letting loose a good 100,000 gallons of oil into the water, and all because BP hadn’t kept up proper maintenance.

Now I’m not an expert at cleaning up oil spills, but I do understand one thing: BP needs to stop fucking up and fix what it has done. Oh, and it should be relatively soon. Don’t wait around until August, BP. If you can’t do it, no one can–not even the government. So suck it up and start working on it.

P.S. A google earth app that compares the size of the oil spill to the size of your own city or state. Go here to view it.


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